Since 2002, The Oculus Group has provided design, construction, consulting and project management for our clients. The combined half century of experience between our designers, consultants and project management team has enabled us to emphasize quality, service and integrity.

Our commercial and residential designs are the reason we are continuing to expand. Specializing in Custom Commercial and Residential Design and construction that feature the latest in building technology, our team can help you plan, develop and build your project from the ground up. From Custom Homes to Custom Commercial spaces, from subdivisions to strip malls, from Exterior as well as Interior, using the latest in CAD Design modeling tools, we offer the widest range of choices on the market today; A virtual one stop design, architectural and construction organization.

From our initial meeting, we will discuss every one of your architectural needs and then once the “shell” is agreed upon, our design team will design every aspect of your space. From custom carpeting, floors, and accents, to custom lighting; uniqueness is as important to us as your own individuality. No matter what your budget, we will always offer exceptionally high degree of competence.

From modern architecture to traditional views, we offer innovative thinking that combines the best of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology with old school integrity and values.